Oct 15

Research Methods in Accounting (E-book)

sedang melakukan penelitian? ini ada buku bagus tentang metopen Akuntansi. saya menemukannya online. Liat daftar isinya dulu deh….

1 Introduction and Overview [Theory as testable explanation – A critical approach to accounting research]

2 Developing the Research Idea [The research sequence-Emergence of the research topic-Conceptual frameworks -The structure of DNA: the development of new theory The Bradman problem: the development of new strategies The longitude problem: implementing solutions -Strategic management accounting]
3 Theory, Literature and Hypotheses [Sources of theory -Searching the literature -Modelling the relationship -Developing the hypotheses -Validity concerns –

4 Data Collection and Analysis [Sample selection -Measurement issues -Data management -Descriptive statistics -Differences in sample means-Measures of association -Analysis of variance -Multivariate model building]

5 Research Ethics in Accounting [The ethics quiz -Informed consent -Ethical guidelines]
6 Experimental Research [The problem statement -Theory and context -Experimental design -The validity trade-off -Quasi-experimental research]
7 Survey Research [Mail surveys -Design and planning issues -Pilot testing -Data collection -Measurement error-Interview methods]
8 Fieldwork [Case study methods -The qualitative analysis protocol -Grounded theory -Verbal protocol analysis]
9 Archival Research [Cross-section data -Time-series data -The validity trade-off in archival research -Content analysis-Critical analysis]
10 Supervision and Examination Processes [The role of the supervisor-Examiner profiles-The examination process]

11 Turning Research into Publications [Why publish? -Where to publish? -What to publish? -How to publish? -Concluding remarks]

Gimana, tertarik ndak? kalo minat….monggo disedot piyambak ebook-nya di link berikut ini… mboten usah kuwatir, gratis koq…tis..tis…


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